James is not going to Botafogo; manager assured that “the story ended”

In recent hours it was announced that the signing of the creative midfielder by the current captain of the Brasileirao could have come to an end, but not happy for the fans of ‘Fogão’. Media from the South American giant assures that Rodríguez’s high demands complicate things for the Rio de Janeiro team. Therefore, it is impossible for the cucuteño to reach the team.

This is reported by the sports director of the club. Andre Mazzuco, “The James issue has already been resolved in the latest answers we have provided. Because he is a player of this level, he ultimately has relevance”, referring to the negotiations that took place for the 10th of the Colombian team.

For the manager, the problem was in the midfielder’s demands: “There were discussions about terms and, I will use the words of John (Textor), there has to be an understanding between what the club wants and a willingness to move on. to go.” the part of the athlete to go for a proposal It is a thermometer, we are still in the same situation”.

Source: El heraldo