Cristiano Ronaldo to receive Lisbon Medal of Honor

football player Cristiano Ronaldo will be different Lisbon City Hall With Medal of Honor the city he “defended, promoted and promoted” around the world, the city council of the Portuguese capital announced on Thursday morning.

In an official statement, the city council indicated that this recognition was offered City Mayor Carlos Moedaswhich rates CR7 as “Great Lisbon”.

Despite being born in Funchalin the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira, Cristiano “he has always defended, promoted and projected the name of Lisbon all over the world”– the adviser’s note says.

coins also recalled that “The story of Cristiano, repeatedly considered the best player in the world, is closely connected with the history of Lisbon”, the city where he came as a child to enter the youth academy. Sporting Portugalwhere he began his professional career.

According to the mayor, “this This is a tribute to the child who became man in lisbon and that, in addition to his personality from the place where he was born, he became a great Lisbonian” which “was never acknowledged”.

The former MEP also emphasizes:the incredible hope that Cristiano Ronaldo gives to many young people by helping them dream. So that they can dream that if they are the best, they will succeed, that thanks to their merits they will be able to get where they want.

In Lisbon, Cristiano owns luxury house worth about 7 million eurosand in the center is one of several Hotels who has his name, CR7 tab.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias