Camila Osorio: “This is a marathon and I’m at the beginning of my career”

Camila Osorio: “This is a marathon and I’m at the beginning of my career”

Born in Cúcuta, the young tennis player competed against the Belarusian in Madrid Ariana Sabalenka, number two in the ranking, and on Italian clay he defeated the French Caroline Garcia, number 4, something he considers equal parts privilege and opportunity.

“It’s cool to get the chance to fight against such great players, with so much experience and titles. Having that opportunity week after week is a privilege and an opportunity to take your tennis out there and grow. This is not first come, this is very long. It’s a marathon and I’m at the beginning of my career”, he told EFE in the mixed zone.

The Colombian fell for the Brazilian Beatriz Haddad Maia after a complicated match in which he needed medical attention due to back problems that prevented him from giving the best of himself.

“I’m tired, really. I’ve played five games in a row and it’s tough. And more at this level. I made a strange move a few days ago but I don’t think it was anything, in the end it’s what the has competition, it’s normal Now I’m going back to Barcelona, ​​I’m training for a few days and I’m already recovering Roland-Garros”he explained.

“Today I wasn’t very connected overall, I didn’t feel inside the whole game. I had almost no chances to break and in general I was a little down. During my serve I thought more about how to throw the ball so that my back wouldn’t bother me and eventually I started making double faults. But hey, I’m not going to stop there with all the good stuff this week,” he added.

Osorio played in the round of 16 of a Masters 1,000 for the first time in his career, but he put no pressure on him.

“I’ve been thinking more about where to go to get energy from where there was none. I didn’t have any pressure, I didn’t think about anything else,” he said.

“What would I have liked to suddenly achieve something more? Yes (laughs). I would have liked to have caught some balls What did I have. I made a lot of mistakes I shouldn’t have made, my legs move faster… but it is what it is, we have to keep going,” he said.

But he acknowledged that he has a great experience from his time at Roman Foro Italico: “I went from three match points in the first, beat García in the second and was in the round of 16 Masters 1,000. I am left with the good feelings, I think I am playing well overall and what I want now is to recover and recharge to continue the streak I have”.

Source: El heraldo