MLS: Carlos Vela jersey is this year’s bestseller; Chicharito in fourth place | tweet

Mexican Candle Carlosfrom Los Angeles FCHe the player who sold the most jerseys this year in MLS, with your compatriot Javier “Chicarito” Hernandezfrom los angeles galaxy, fourth and spanish Ricky Puig, also from the Galaxy, the tenth.

Ranked second in sales elasticity last year behind the Welshman Gareth BaleVela Garrido climbed to the top, according to MLS, ahead of the German Hani Mukhtarfrom Nashville and league MVP, and American quarterback Walker Zimmermann, Also from Nashville.

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Classification of sales on the official platform, It has four Latin American players and one Spaniard, Puch in the top ten.

In addition to Candle and Chicharito Venezuelanor Joseph Martinez, Inter Miami and Argentinean Thiago Almadafrom Atlanta United, respectively, occupy the sixth and seventh positions.

The team with the most shirts sold is in the top 25 positions. Seattle Sounders, With Jordans Morris (No. 5), Salvadoran-American. Christian Roldan (#12), Uruguayan Nicolas Lodeiro (No. 17), Peruvian Raul Ruidias (#21) and Brazilian Joao Paulo (No. 25).

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias