Tom Brady says he won’t play in the NFL again

Tom Bradyconsidered the best player in history NFL, He denied that there was a possibility of his return. with some team to play season 2023.

I’m sure I won’t play again. I tried to make it clear and I hate to keep stating it because I’ve already told people many times,” said Brady, who announced his Football retirement in February past.

Last week there were rumors about the possible return of the winner seven superbowl rings be a protector Las Vegas Raidersthe team he is about to become minority owner.

raiders They hired a quarterback for the 2023 season. Jimmy Garoppolowho in March last year moved operation to correct foot injurya situation where a clause was added to his contract in which he took responsibility for reducing his ability or even for not playing again due to said injury.

This situation, added to Brady’s inclusion as owner of Las Vegas, opened up the possibility of him returning to the field the following season.

Even an NFL spokesman said that as part of the Raiders’ ownership group, Brady would have to make a team for the championship. voted by 24 of the 32 teams that make up the league.

This Thursday 15 times selected for professional bowl clarified that enjoy your retirement and watch football from the side.

Now that I’m no longer affiliated with any team, I still have close ties to a couple of teams, I have a few friends in the Dolphins that I really like. I won’t be back but I support my friends to do well and some of them play for Miami.

Tom Brady also said that for season 2024 began to play its part lead commentator for Fox Sports with whom he signed a contract for the next 10 years in exchange for $375 million.

Forwarder who will receive tribute in the 2023 season at the stadium. New England Patriotsthe team, with whom he won six of the seven Super Bowl rings, took the opportunity to acknowledge how excited he is about the event.

I want to go back there and see the fans, my teammates. I have so many amazing memories of my time there; This is a great gesture from the organization.

(According to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias