4 Jaimie Vaes after Lil Kleine’s arrest: ‘Action stopped’

4 Jaimie Vaes after Lil Kleine’s arrest: ‘Action stopped’

Jaimie Vaes has officially responded to her arrest for the first time after images surfaced showing her fiancé Lil Kleine abusing her. He is late Telegram Just know that there are losers in this situation.

“Normally I never answer, but the stories keep getting crazier. I am a full time mom who suddenly finds myself. I have to deal with a lot of grief in an unreal situation. The last thing I do is lure Jorik into a trap,” says Vaes.

Vaes responds to a rumor that was spread on Tuesday by a so-called juice chain. He said the stylist has deliberately set a trap for his partner, Jorik Scholten, who is nicknamed Lil Kleine, and is only after the money.

Jorik’s performance resulted in an unfortunate and hard end. There are no winners, only losers,” he concludes.

Lil Kleine was arrested again on Tuesday on suspicion of assaulting her fiancé. He is said to have been arrested two weeks before the attack and spent three nights in prison. The rapper was later released pending investigation, but the Public Prosecution Service appealed.

After the arrest, various parties broke off cooperation with Lil Kleine. Management agency NAMAM also represents Vaes and has yet to make a decision about the progress of the collaboration. The rapper’s profile has since been removed from the NAMAM site.

Source: NU