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Select Nigeria, Uruguay, Ecuador and Paraguay There will be rivals Mexico in your preparation Qatar 2022 World Cup, friendly matches are held Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago and Atlanta, So within the national team tour UNITED STATES.

#choice@miseleccionmx In Qatar, there will be four warm-up games in 2022 in Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago and Atlanta. #MexTour 2022 year.#FMFF in our football# We are local

– Mexican Football Federation (@FMF) Apr 12, 2022

Gerard Martins, Technician mexican team, He said this at a press conference on Tuesday. Rivals to face from April to August For the World Cup, where he will be judged Poland, Argentina and Saudi Arabia, detachments C group.

They are important rivals. In the case of Uruguay and Ecuador, they are World Cup players who have had good qualifications. Also think about the competitors that can be reached. Sometimes you don’t get what you want. We are happy with the summer we will have.

The Argentine strategist of the tricolor also spoke How do you prepare your invitations to these preparatory meetings? And about the new Called up after recent injuries Ordinary players on call.

“In the summer we have A. A phone call a little longer than usual, Consider the games a little and consider the start League of Nations. You can’t say who the World Cup players will be, because it takes a long time until the final list.

“You can’t close the door on any player. These three players participated at different times. Victor (Guzman) Too early in that case Eric (Lira) He’s had the last few conversations with Chile and Ecuador, so he’ll probably be with Guatemala. In case of (Alan) Waiter Some meetings attended in 2020 Of course they have the door open until the final list is given.

#choice † FMF and SUM have announced four games @miseleccionmx United States #MEXTOUR 2022 year.

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– Mexican Football Federation (@FMF) Apr 12, 2022

Further, “Tata” Martin A commitment has been made Mexico squad for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

We promise to fight and fight well. In my place, no one can commit to achieving this or that result. We promise to compete on an equal footing with any team that comes against us and hope to get as far as possible.

Mexico will debut Qatar 2022 Before that, on November 22 Poland; is then measured Argentina On the 26th of the same month. And complete the group stage against Saudi Arabia On Nov. 30.

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