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The champion died, but fought to the end…

Real Madrid was classified UEFA Champions League semi-finals, no matter how painful it is After 2-3 defeats in the return match against ChelseaOverall 5-4, a match that was fought extra hour, Held this Tuesday Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

ამდე For the semi-finals!
PF: @ Real Madrid 23 @ChelseaFC_Sp (5-4 in total)
@RodrygoGoes 80′, @Benzema 96′; Mountain 15′, Rudiger 51′, Werner 75′# Emirates#UCL

– Real Madrid CF (@realmadrid) Apr 12, 2022

The Madrid team went through a very hard cycle by a Big and brave champion! What He wouldn’t leave the throne without staying In the feudal lord of Madrid, who sometimes witnessed a Exhibition of the troops of Thomas Tuchel, Whose board worked perfectly.


– Real Madrid CF (@realmadrid) Apr 12, 2022

ᲡActually, In the 79th minute he won 0-3. But then a spark of quality Modric climax Rodrigo Carlo Ancelotti’s men were allowed to reach the extension where did you find this Energy and another chapter of Benzema Sealing goes to the semi-finals and not without He ends up trapped and suffers.

Thanks to Real Madrid.

Thanks to Chelsea.

Thank you, UEFA Champions League.

Thanks football.

The most beautiful sport in the world.

– Undefeated (@InvictosSomos) Apr 12, 2022

if anyone was expecting Quiet night in London 1-3, The defending champion soon realized that this and that would not be the case. His throne would not leave him so easily. tukhel Choose 4-3-3, with Werner Making a business return haverz Mountain, physicality of Kovacic and Loftus-Chick Further kante, And a lot of risk above your pressure with which Suffocated an erratic opponent.

The ball always turned more and more in the team’s playing field Carlos Ancelotti, Who It was hard to find the way to Mendy’s goal Despite the places left by the “blues”. Benzema warned Very thin post, but The threat has always been greater from the guests That he quickly found the necessary target. Monte found a gap between the central defenders and defeated Courtois Put an end to your nervousness fifteen minutes ago.

0-1 gave confidence and Further installed in Chelsea Who didn’t want to wait to find a tie in the tie Not an ounce of energy savingsCasimiro, Modric, Kroos and Valverde Couldn’t control the game etThere was also no sense of danger, although Vinicius took several actions in vain. Where it could have done more harm. The best part was that despite the introduction of the current champion I took a break without further turmoil.

Despite, Ancelotti didn’t hit the key And the party continued Chelsea, Restless at his valiant efforts and he took the building Especially if right after the start of the second part Rudiger tied the score from a corner.

0-2 woke something up at Real Madrid Who had the first two good chances in the game benzema, Far from its best version, it didn’t hit the area inside out Eduardo Mendy A good stretch gives a rough kick Crotch. However, he was unable to continue due to his opponent’s effort, which started with an iron midfielder gobbling the madridista.

The image has deteriorated due to the threat of 0-3 Marco Alonzo, Raised by VAR due to hands before hitting the top corner. Benzema could breatheBut his header hit the post and the game got a little out of hand; Werner’s great maneuver gave the champion a pass In the absence of fifteen minutes.

Courtois It gave extra life to the following madridistas a Good hand on the back of Havez After a set that caused a lot of damage tonight and almost immediately, a Alaba good recovery, Allowable recovery and large outbound shipments Modric to RodrigoWho just came in after 0-3, IDelete the items again.

The magician who brought out the genius when all seemed lost for Real Madrid. The 36-year-old, who ran for 123 minutes, looked young. A midfielder who will remain one of the best in history. Luka Modric is a football legacy.

– Undefeated (@InvictosSomos) Apr 12, 2022

The last piece was more than overtime Difficult for the residents of Nacho is injured and Karvakhali plays in the center. And with Pulisic puts more fear into two actions.

Overtime has already started for the guys at Tuxedo. more when Benzema scored his fourth header After a good theft of the eliminator a Cameroon What contributed to the novelty and good center? vinci, To make the ticket to Madrid again. The local team took oxygen and eventually felt more “comfortable” in the duel.

Karim Benzema. One and a thousand times.

– Vertical football (@futbol_vertical) Apr 12, 2022

Despite, The champion still stood And I have new legs Saul Iges and Georginio Try to recreate his rhythm in the second part of the extra time. Chelsea also died on her feet Ziech, Havertz and Georginio Take advantage of three good chances to find him anyway A reward for your bravery.

And after the excellent game that was sent off and everything that went on, Luka Modric nevertheless took the opportunity to calm the Chelsea players. You may not be higher than 10 Real Madrid. Game knight.

– Undefeated (@InvictosSomos) Apr 12, 2022

Quarter-finals / Second match
Real Madrid 2-3 Chelsea (5-4)
Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
Referee: Shimon Marciniak (Poland)
0-1 (15′).- Mason Assembly
0-2 (51′).- Antonio Rudiger
0-3 (75′).- Timo Werner
1-3 (80′).- Rodrigo
2-3 (96′).- Karim Benzema

Real Madrid
Thibaut Courtois
David Alaba
(Luke Vasquez, 88′)
Ferlan Mandy
(Marcel, 78′)
Dani Karvakhali (Yellow, 118′)
(Rodrigo, 78′)
Tony Cruz
(Eduardo Camavinga, 73′) (Yellow, 90+1′)
Luka Modric
Karim Benzema (yellow, 37′)
Vinicius Jr.
(Danny Sebalos, 115′)
Federico Valverde (Yellow, 68′)
DT: Carlos Ancelottic

Eduardo Mendy
Thiago Silva
Antonio Rudiger
Rhys James (Yellow, 10′)
Matthew Kovacic
(Georgino, 105′)
N’Golo Kante
(Hakim Ziech, 100′) (Yellow, 102′)
mason mountain
Mark Alonso
Ruben Loftus-Chick
(Saul Iges, 105′)
Timo Werner
(Christian Pulisic, 83′)
Kai Havertz (Yellow, 109′)
DT: Thomas Tuchel

(Reported by Europa Press)

Source: La Neta Neta