Spanish Teams Reject Luis Rubiales’ ‘Unacceptable Behavior’ | video

Players Spain national team demonstrated this Monday their rejection of “some unacceptable behavior” Luis Rubialesremoved from the presidency Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), for his kiss ahead Jenny Beautywho have “damaged the image of Spanish football” and “tarnished” what they consider a “historical milestone” in Spanish women’s football.

Alvaro Moratafirst captain, accompanied Rodri Hernandez, Cesar Azpilicueta And Marco Asensio at the table and together with the rest of the national team players in the hall read out a statement signed by all members Spain’s choice.

“Between all the players, we agreed to write the following statement. After the players of the national team have gathered in Las Rozas, we want to highlight a few issues regarding recent developments that have damaged the image of Spanish football“.

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First of all, the players called Louis of the Source moved “one more time”, their “pride” and their “most sincere congratulations” To women’s team for the title World Championship 20 August.

A historical milestone filled with meaning that will mark before and after in Spanish women’s football, inspiring many women with a triumph of incalculable value.

Alvaro morata Reading the statement, he stated:

For this reason, we want to express our regret and express our solidarity with the players whose success has been tarnished. We want to reject what we consider to be unacceptable behavior on the part of Mr. Rubiales, which is inconsistent with the institution he represents.

Spain players have made it clear they are ‘firm and clear’ on the side of the values ​​that sport represents.”

Spanish football must be an engine of respect, inspiration, equality and diversity. You must lead by example both on and off the pitch.

In this sense, and also given that from this Monday they will face a concentration “decisive for the future of Spanish football”, in view of their desire to be in the standings. German Eurocup 2024the players have been asking that they can now “focus on sports given the urgency of the challenges ahead.

(according to information from Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias