NFL: Justin Herbert dominates pre-season highest-paid list

Justin HerbertLos Angeles Chargers quarterback will start the 2023 season as the NFL’s highest paid player, ahead of stars like the two-time Super Bowl winner, Patrick Mahomesconsidered the best active defender.

The race for the title of the player who will earn the most in the league in 2023 has changed leaders three times.

Justin Herbert.

On April 17, the Philadelphia Eagles announced a five-year, $255 million contract with Jalen HurtsThe 25-year-old quarterback who led them to Super Bowl LVII, the last season they lost to the Mahomes Chiefs.

The $51 million a year that made the Hurts the highest paid player in the league lasted 10 days.

27th of the same month Lamar Jackson signed a five-year contract with Baltimore in exchange for $260 million; 52 million a year, which put him at the top, a hurdle that seemed insurmountable, at least this year 2023.

But Herbert showed up on July 25, and his five-year, $262.5 million extension placed him among the NFL millionaires with $52.5 million a year.

Neither Herbert, Jackson, nor Herts have a Super Bowl ring, which in any case hasn’t stopped inflation in the quarterback market, in which Mahomes, with two championship rings, earned double MVP and MVP and the Super Bowl. The bowl is left behind.

Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes is the seventh highest paid player in the league with $45 million a year. A list in which the first 14 are “qb”.

The first non-quarterback in this elite is a quarterback. Aaron Donald, Baranov, with a salary of 31.6 million every 365 days. In his position, they are followed by the Jets’ Quinnen Williams with 24 million and the Titans’ Jeffrey Simmons with 23.5 million.

Tops the list of highest paid recipients Tyreke Hillfrom the Dolphins, $30 million a year; behind Davante Adams out raiderssince 28, and Cooper Kupp, rams26.7.

Tyreke Hill.

Among tight ends, the Vikings’ Thomas James Hawkenson blew the market on August 31 with a four-year extension of 68.5 million, putting him at the top of his 17.1 million-a-year position ahead of the Giants’ Darren Waller. , 17 million, and George Kittle of the 49ers, 15.3.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias