US Open 2023: Coco Gauff beat Elena Ostapenko in just 68 minutes | video

Coco Gauff19 years old, experiencing an amazing moment of form and demonstrated it with an outstanding game against Zhelana Ostapenkosurprise in the previous round eliminate the Polish Iga Swiatekformer world number one and reigning champion of the tournament to advance to the semi-finals of the tournament. US Open 2023.

American player won 16 out of 17 matches controversial since elimination in the first round of the tournament Wimbledon and was crowned Washington WTA 500before lifting the first thousand WTA of his career to the skies of Cincinnati.

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Gauff played a game bordering on perfection to Ostapenko, in particular in first set won 6-0 in which he converted three breakballs and narrowly lost seven points in 20 minutes of competition.

He completed his serve once in the second set, but his strength is otherwise ahead of Ostapenko ran out of gas after her great victory over the former Polish No. 1 Iga Svyatek, they let him pass judgment for the accident final score 6-2.

WITH 68 minuteswas shortest US Open match this year at the women’s circuit.

He reached the semi-finals with an open series 10 wins in a rowthe best result of his young career and he is two games away from his first “big” win.

His opponent in the semi-final will be one of Romanian Sorana Kirstya (#30) and Czech Karolina Muchova (No. 10).

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias