Yelena Isinbayeva restores her positions in the IOC | tweet

Russian Yelena Isinbayevathe two-time Olympic pole vaulter regained her place in the competition on Tuesday Athletes Commission belonging International Olympic Committee (IOC), after campaigning for peace in Ukraine, drawing sharp criticism in his country.

Isinbayevawhich was temporarily suspended for belonging to CSKARussian Army Club, was included this Tuesday in the commissionwhich owned since 2016.

The former pole vaulter announced on social media in August that she would soon be making a post-competition comeback. the ethics committee will decide finally what The Russians did not have a contract with the army, and they did not support the military campaign in Ukraine.

Isinbayevawho was the electoral agent of the president, Vladimir Putinassured that senior rank who received military service in CSKA in 2015, this “purely nominal” and remembered it “never” served in the Armed Forces She was not a deputy and did not belong to a party Kremlin.

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β€œI am a man of the world. I have always been and always will be. I have always believed and will believe in the best in every person,” he said. Isinbayeva, who at one time received a medal from the current Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu.

Further, All-Russian Popular Frontelectoral platform Putin, expelled an athlete during a special vote allegedly for non-participation in the work of the organization.

The sharpest criticism came from the Minister of Sports. Oleg Matitsinwho thought “unacceptable” to despise the military rank so much How “events taking place in his native country.”

In addition, the authorities of the Russian Republic Dagestan, Where is your father from? they removed their name from the athletics stadium.

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However, members of the government and the press secretary of the President Dmitry PeskovHe came to his defense urged the Russians not to rush to judgments and downplayed the fact that the athlete lives abroad, specifically in Spain, where he will have three properties.

β€œShe did not condemn anything and did not criticize anyone. How many times our anthem sounded and our flag was raised in his honor. You have to remember that,” he said.

Former pole vaulter hung gold on Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 OlympicsAnd bronze in London 2012, and went four-time world champion on an indoor track and three outdoors.

5.06 meters that the Russians jumped in 2009, so far world record in this discipline open.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias