FIBA World Cup 2023: Germany ends Latvian dream to face EU in semi-finals | video

Germany ended this Wednesday with the great role of the Latvian national team in FIBA World Cup 2023played in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia in a long-suffering and hard-fought victory 81-79, which secured their pass to the semi-finals, where they will face USA.

The semi-finals of the World Cup have already been determined. Germany returned to this round 21 years after their last match against Argentina in the USA in 2002. This time she has an undefeated (5 wins) biggest challenge to put an end to the North American favoritism that has gripped Italy since the loss to Lithuania and reached the match before the grand final. Of course, in order to achieve this goal, Germany suffered from Latvia much more than in their previous fights, in which their dominance was overwhelming.

Davis Bertans held a historic semi-final pass in his hands with a triple-hit blasted into the ring. The shot that first silenced the Latvian fans in charge of coloring the Indonesian headquarters that didn’t pan out when they moved to Manila, Philippines.

It was their country’s first participation in the World Cup and they reached the quarter-finals against Germany. Dennis Schroeder losing surprise status due to their good performances.

Because his great start to the tournament didn’t go unnoticed at the Mall of Asia in Manila. The flow of play and clinical accuracy from the three-point line with perfectly coordinated external play. But the fact is that even knowing how Latvia plays is not a cure, at least not in the early stages.

Germany suffered in exactly the same way as Spain, France, Canada or Brazil suffered at that time. The score was 3-13 in the fifth minute after the series was 0-11. Davis Bertans, who made three trebles in the first quarter, led the Latvian offense, always accompanied by the tireless Rolands Smits supporting the defense and the ubiquitous Arturs Žagars.

But Germany, who have racked up 100 points in their last three World Cup matches, didn’t get scared knowing they had the tools to stop the bleeding. In fact, he did it without his star, Schroeder, who couldn’t beat the Latvian wall (13-16) until the third quarter.

Germany maintained a good momentum in the second quarter and took the lead in the scrum for the second time thanks to a dunk from Mortiz Wagener that forced the Latvians to call a timeout, who, despite being stopped by Schröder, did not score the entire first quarter. half they were outclassed on the scoreboard (36-34).

It took Schroeder thirteen attempts to set his record. His first ball hit in the third quarter, just at the key moment of the game, just as the exchange of blows began. No one managed to increase revenue, by the end of the third quarter the score remained equal (62-59) while keeping Bertans from the top three. Maximum equality predicted a heart attack in the last quarter.

Germany tried to avoid this with a spectacular start in which they ended the key streak 8-0 (70-59) in under two minutes. It would seem that this is enough, but Latvia has once again shown that this is always more than a surprise. They slowed down, repulsed the German attack with a score of 0-8 and two spectacular hits from Zagars (24 points) reduced the gap to two points (81-79). Schroeder missed, and the last possession of the ball remained with Latvia. Bertans, the highest scoring from the arc, unsuccessfully played a triple in the game.

Germany put an end to the Latvian dream. A tough win without his star, Dennis Schroeder, minimized by the Baltic defense, allowing him to return to the semi-finals 21 years later to face the all-powerful United States.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias