Manchester United admit to allegations of abuse against Anthony

He Manchester Unitedbelonging Premier Leaguebroke the silence on Wednesday abuse allegations it puts pressure on your player, the brazilian Anthony Matheus dos Santosand said they took the matter “very seriously” and were aware of the police investigation.

In his statement Red Devil stated in this regard:

Manchester United are aware of the allegations against Anthony and know that the police are investigating him. In the absence of new information, the club will not comment further. As a club, we take this matter very seriously given the impact these allegations can have on survivors of violence.

Anthony was accused by his ex-girlfriend of hit her on the head at a hotel in Manchester on January 15th and let him a blow to the chestwhich required medical attention for both attacks.

From my side, Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) On Monday, he said in a note that he had made the decision to remove the 23-year-old from Canarinha in order to “preserve the alleged victim, the player himself”, as well as the team led by coach Fernando Dinis.

Meanwhile his own Anthony released a statement stating:

I can confidently say that the accusations are false and that the evidence I have presented demonstrates my innocence. My relationship with Miss Gabriela was tumultuous, with verbal abuse on our part, but never physical aggression. I am confident that the police investigation will prove the truth of my innocence.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias