US Open 2023: Alcaraz and Medvedev meet in the semifinals | video

Carlos Alcaraz reached the semi-finals of the tournament US Open 2023fourth and final tournament Grand slam tournaments season, after beating the German 6-3, 6-2 and 6-4. Alexander Zverev with fewer complications than expected.

Murcian tennis player two games to defend his title in New York and conquer it third Grand Slam title. True to his tradition this season, he didn’t miss the semi-finals (eleventh in 13 tournaments), where he now faces another tough hurdle in the form of the Russian. Daniil Medvedev2021 champion and very dangerous on hard surfaces.

A great battle was expected at Arthur Ashe Stadium. but in the end it wasn’t like that because still number one in the world was very durable and, above all, he knew how to make the most of the opportunities available to him in order to disarm the others. Zverev who, it seems, also experienced a difficult game in the 1/8 finals against the Italianor Yannick Sinner.

Despite the victory Alcaraz was again behaving more erratically than usual. His best weapon, his powerful “drive” did not work as usual: with this shot, he made 18 unforced errors out of 34 he made, for 29 “winners”.. German was not good either (35 out of 22) didn’t know how to find either his two-handed left hand or right hand, plus it weighed him down impossibility to break‘, wasting five smashing balls he liked.

The Spaniard did not forgive, which allowed him to dominate the fight more calmly, which, despite the night time, was also marked by suffocating heat and humidity these days in New York. For this reason two and a half hours he was on the go it was good news to conserve energy for future events.

The match began in a balanced way, both players kept their serve, not giving the opponent breakballs. Zverev owned the first two scores 3-3 and did not take advantage of them. and when it seemed that in the next serve he would tie his serve, the best version of Murcian appeared complete the break and later close the first quarter.

The defending champion has gained more confidence and he signed a good second set, the only one in a match in which he signed more winners (11) than unforced errors (9) and didn’t miss break options, putting his win on the right track. He made a breakthrough in Game 4 and it hurt Hamburg. with less “shine” on the track and already on track for an epic comeback.

German, second place in 2020 in New York and current Olympic championrequested medical time and There was a slight outage in Alcaraz that this time, contrary to Dan Evans and Matteo Arnaldi andIn the previous two games, it was not difficult for him to fall behind. The Spaniard had to hit breakballs in his first two innings, including 15-40s, to keep things simple.

Zverev held the pitch, but he failed with the acceleration of the Mursian in the decisive strokes. With a score of 4-4, Alcaraz was relentless towards the rest achieve a key break and secure his place in the semi-finals with his serve, the third this year at the Grand Slam tournament, where he waits Daniil Medvedevwho conquered the heat and his compatriot Andrey Rublev in three sets (6-4, 6-3, 6-4), falling behind on the scoreboard in all of them.

(according to information from Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias