Wrestling turns 90 in Mexico

It will be September 21st 90 years since wrestling came to Mexico from the USAwhere the deceased is considered the father of this sport Salvador Lutteroth Gonzalezhe found it by accident.

Lutteroth, former member of Alvaro Obregon’s army during the Mexican Revolution, In 1929, friends invited him to watch a wrestling show in El Paso, Texas. and he immediately saw the sport’s potential for success in a modernizing Mexico.

“Don Salvador realized that After the revolution, Mexico entered the modern stage, in which the population had more and more opportunities for an active social life and sought other types of activities. Before the revolution, social life was intense, but reserved only for the upper classes,” he explained EFE World Wrestling Council (CMLL) historian Hugo Monroy.

After seven years of fighting in the Mexican Revolution, Lutteroth realized that the country was changing, and after the failure of his first venture—a furniture and billiard table factory—he bet his capital on founding the Mexican Wrestling Company (EMLL). today CMLL, which has institutionalized the sport in the country.

Pictured is Salvador Lutteroth. Photo: Cuartoscuro Archive

He did this by collaborating with two businessmen. Mike Corona and Francisco Ahumadawho knew the show’s business in the United States and allowed him to take advantage of two figures from that country who were being boycotted.

“He learned that some fighters like Jackie Joe or Charro Aguayo They were boycotted in this country because they were really good and made American wrestlers look ridiculous. There is an anecdote about the Charro Aguayo fight: a man came up and put a gun to his head to make him stop fighting, they were thrown out,” Monroy recalls.

At first the fighting took place starring foreign gladiators, from such distant countries as Syria or China. The first Mexican athletes were forged in the EMLL school, which still exists today, where Mexican techniques are taught. one of the best in the world.

“The difference between one CMLL-trained fighter and another is quality. There are poorly trained fighters, and the deficiency is visible in movements, in evolution. CMLL representatives demand 100 percent performance because people pay for the show,” Último Guerrero, one of Lutteroth’s company employees and a school teacher, told EFE.

For 90 years, At CMLL, Olympic wrestling is taught as the basis of the Mexican school. besides how to create chemistry with the audience, as he admitted EFE CMLL CEO Salvador Lutteroth Lomeli, grandson of Lutteroth Gonzalez.

Photo: Cuartoscuro Archive

“The classic style we practice never goes out of style. This is what remains. “People still enjoy blocking and counter-blocking,” the company leader defended, sticking to traditional combat, not using objects his gladiators could hit each other with or extreme methods like most of his competitors.

Another legacy of CMLL is the Mexico City Arena, called the Cathedral of Wrestling.since it was in this place, one of the first in the country dedicated to this sport, that the greatest legends of the country were forged, such as Saint and Blue Demon.

“I’ve been fighting for 30 years and it’s different in this arena. because the public is different, very knowledgeable, and the public knows who knows how to fight and who improvises,” he said. EFE Tiffany, one of the stars of the women’s division.

CMLL will celebrate its 90th anniversary on September 16th. with a performance that will feature a mask-versus-mask duel between El Templario and Rojo the Dragon.

Photo: Cuartoscuro Archive

(Rodrigo Corona/EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias