Luis Rubiales resigns as RFEF President | Tweet

Finally he resigned.

Luis Rubiales This Sunday he resigned as president Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), He did this in writing through a letter published on his social networks and addressed to Pedro Rocha, Acting President after a 90-day suspension imposed FIFA Disciplinary Commission.

Besides, Rubiales Bejar announces that he is leaving his post UEFA Vice Presidentafter several weeks of controversy a criminal case has been brought against him for his behavior during Women’s World Cup final in Australia and New Zealand, including a kiss without the consent of the chosen one Jennifer Hermoso.

“After the quick disqualification carried out by FIFA, plus the other proceedings opened against me, it is obvious that I will not be able to return to my position. Insisting on waiting and holding on to it won’t do anything positive. neither the Federation nor Spanish football,” the Spanish coach said in a statement.

Luis Rubiales faces several complaints from public organizations, as well as the football player herself Jenny Hermoso, player Pachuca Gophers in the MX LeagueFemale, for alleged crime of sexual assault, while caretaker ministers, including Spanish government president Pedro Sánchez and other politicians, have called for his resignation from office in recent weeks.

I don’t want Spanish football to suffer for all this such a disproportionate campaign and, above all, I make this decision after being convinced that my departure will contribute stability that will allow Europe and Africa to remain united in the dream of 2030, this will allow us to host the largest event in the world in our country,” he added in his text.

Finally, Luis Rubiales in his statement he assures thatand the truth is on his side and will everything in your power to winwhenever your the family was subjected to excessive persecution after the scandal in which he was involved.

Source: Aristegui Noticias