NFL: Niners give up Steelers at Heinz Field | Results

San Francisco 49ers overloaded at home 7-30 a Pittsburgh Steelersvalid appointment for 1 Week 2023 season NFLcelebrated this Sunday at Heinz Field, Today Akrisure Stadiumwhere it shone Brock Purdy.

23 year old defender He added 220 yards for Gambusino.threw two touchdown passes and was ccaptured three times.

They also shined in the 49ers offense. Christian McCaffreywho ran for 151 yards and scored a rushing touchdown; and Brandon Aiyuk who had two touchdown receptions. On defense Drake Jackson He earned three quarterback sacks.

Despite the defeat TJ Watt, five-time Pro Bowler, had an outstanding exhibition in defense of the Steelers with three quarterback sacks. Defender Kenny Pickett He was stopped five times ago and intercepted twice. He scored a touchdown.

Advance led by Pardee took the lead in the first quarter with a touchdown pass Ayyuk 7-0 and extended the rookie lead with a 41-yard field goal. Jake Moody.

The Gambusinos trailed by 20 points in the second quarter with their second touchdown pass. Ayyuk and another field goal Capricious.

The visiting defense continued their attack at the head of Pickett until the last episode of the first half, in which Steelers finally added with delivery diagonally to the side Pat Freiermuth leading to a halftime score of 20–7 in favor of the 49ers.

San Francisco He started the third quarter explosively, running 65 yards to the end zone. Christian McCaffrey escape with a 27-7 lead, which was extended to 30-7 on a three-point shot in the final quarter.

Cleveland starts with a win

Field Marshal Deshaun Watson and runner Nick Chubb they were shining in victory The Cleveland Browns beat the Cincinnati Bengals 24-3.

Watson had 154 yards., connected for a touchdown and added another on the ground. He was captured three times and intercepted once. Chubb rushed for 106 yards.

Vikings lose at home against Buccaneers

Also this Sunday Tampa Bay Buccaneers They won Minnesota Vikings at US Bank Stadium.

Baker Mayfield He had two touchdown passes and received a sack against the Bucs. With the Vikings Kirk Cousins scored two touchdowns; He had two sacks and an interception.

Here are the results for the first week:
Thursday, September 7

Leaders 20-21 Lviv
Sunday, September 10

Falcons 24-10 Panthers
Browns 24-3 Bengals
Colts 21-31 Jaguars
Vikings 17-20 pirates
Saints 16-15 Titans
Steelers 7-30 49ers
Commanders of 20–16 cardinals
Ravens 25-9 Texans
Bears vs. Packers
Broncos vs. Raiders
Patriots vs. Eagles
Chargers Vs. Dolphins
Seahawks Vs. rams
Giants vs. Cowboys
Monday night

Jets vs. Accounts

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