Rubiales’ resignation will not affect the resolution of the FIFA case

Resignation of Luis Rubiales as President of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) will not affect the processing of a file opened by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, for a possible breach of the disciplinary code during the Women’s World Cup final on August 20 in Sydney.

Article 2.2 of FIFA’s Code of Ethics, relating to personal scope of application, states that its Ethics Committee “has the power to inquire into and judge the conduct of persons subject to this or any other code in force.” at the moment when this happened, regardless of whether the person continues to be subject to the Code at the time the procedure is initiated or after that moment,” the department recalled. EFE Sources of international organization.

After the opening of the above-mentioned case on August 24, the president of the FIFA Disciplinary Commission, Colombian Jorge Ivan Palacio: two days later decided to suspend Luis Rubiales, for an initial period of 90 days from all activities related to football at national and international level.

He also issued two directives directing Rubiales, the RFEF and their officers or employees: let them refraindirectly or through third parties, contact or attempt to contact Spain player Jennifer Hermoso or your immediate circle.

Photo: EFE Archive

Apart from the FIFA case, which forced Pedro Rocha to temporarily take over as president of the RFEF, Rubiales has another case opened by the Sports Administrative Court (TAD). following a complaint lodged by the Supreme Sports Council (SSC) that it considered his behavior in boxing during the World Cup final, in which Spain won the title against England, and kissing Jenny Hermoso on the podium as a very serious offence, during the medal ceremony.

TAD confirmed the opening of the case on the 1st, but considered that these facts could only constitute serious misconduct. This has led the CSD to call for the provisional suspension of Rubiales, which is no longer possible after he announced last night, contrary to his intention not to resign, his resignation as president of the RFEF as well as vice-president of UEFA.

The RFEF has already begun the procedure provided for by its charter, which in this situation must begin the electoral process to complete the remainder of Rubiales’ term.


Source: Aristegui Noticias