Minlabor would file suit against Dimayor and the FCF over problems with the union

The Ministry of Labor will initiate an administrative sanction procedure against the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) and the Main Division of Colombian Football (Dimayor), for the alleged violation they committed of one of the articles of the substantive Labor Code, and refuse to negotiate with the Colombian Association of Professional Footballers (Acolfutpro).

According to what the Portfolio announced this Monday through a community, both institutions would have violated Article 433 by refusing to negotiate the list of requests submitted by Acolfutpro in September 2019, in which they submitted requests related to, among other things, salary issues and social Security.

According to the order of the coordinator of the internal working group of the Special Investigation Unit of the Ministry of Labor, there is reason to formulate charges against both the federation and Dimayor.

The above given that, although it is true that “the direct employer of the footballers is not the Colombian Football Federation or the main division of Colombian football, and these are not the ones who sign the contractual relationship, they are not the ones who pay the salaries, nor do they abolish social security; They do impact certain legal relationships, which may be subject to collective bargaining by the Colombian Association of Professional Footballers. For this reason, ACOLFUTPRO would have the obligation to initiate negotiations.”

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Source: El heraldo