How did Caracol and RCN do in the ratings for the second round of the qualifiers?

The rating dispute started with Colombia vs. Venezuela and Argentina vs. Ecuador. According to the ratings of the company Kantar IBOPE Media, the match between Colombia and Venezuela had 13.73 viewing points on Gol Caracol, compared to 6.65 on Canal RCN. To put it in football terms, Canal Caracol defeated RCN and managed to double the audience of the three-letter channel in its debut in the play-offs.

Now, during the Chile vs. In Colombia, ‘Gol Caracol’ again won the show, gaining 59.2% viewers, while Canal RCN’s viewership was 22.4%.

In the first match of the qualifiers, between Bolivia and Argentina, Caracol broadcaster outscored RCN with 43.9% compared to 14.5%.

Then, during the Venezuela vs. Paraguay’s ‘Gol Caracol’ achieved a 48.8% audience share, while RCN achieved 15.7%.

Finally, in the Brazil vs. In Peru, Caracol outpaced the competition at 44.8% by 19.6%.

Source: El heraldo