Richarlison will seek psychological help to cope with non-football problems | video

RicharlisonBrazilian striker Tottenham Hotspur The Premier League has admitted that went through turbulent times the last five months, during which “People only had one eye on their money.” so now you will search “psychological help” ensuring that “the storm has already passed.”

“On the field I’m a happy team player, I try to help as much as possible. Sometimes things don’t go the way we want. I think that part is the off-field part of the game that ended up getting in my way. Even if you want to do something right, things will end up going wrong. “I will continue to concentrate on the club, the storm has passed,” he explained the situation of the last “turbulent” five months in statements published by the publication Sports balloon.

The striker is not experiencing his best sporting moment. the only goal at the beginning of the course, and moreover, he said that recently He had problems in his personal life, therefore he will seek psychological help.

Everything is fine at home now. People who had only one eye on my money left me. Now things will go my way and I’m sure I’ll have a good game at Tottenham.

Last Friday, in Brazil’s 5-1 win over Bolivia, Richarlison was substituted in the second half. and it’s over I’m crying on the bench because of the “splash”.

That sad moment was not even because I played poorly, in my opinion, I didn’t have a bad game, but because of what was happening off the field, which was out of control.

Richarlison He assured that upon returning to England he would seek help from a professional who will help you work smarter.

I’m going to go back to England and seek psychological help from a psychologist to work on my mind. That’s it, come back stronger. I think I’ll be in the next (challenge), working for it. This week I’m going to sit down and talk to them, I need a good run to get into the rhythm of the game. This bad phase will pass. But that’s part of football, it’s about continuing to work hard. I know my potential, I know what I’m capable of.

(according to information from Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias