NBA introduces new rest rules for stars

NBA officially unveiled this Wednesday a new participation protocol ‘stars’ league in the regular season and, among other things, will require franchises not to rest more than one star in a single game.

The new protocol will come into force from the 2023/24 season and will be stricter, especially for players considered “stars”, i.e. those who were part of the team.All NBA‘or ‘All Starsover the previous three seasons, the NBA said.

Unless teams can demonstrate that there are genuine reasons to justify a player’s absence, such as physical issues, franchises must “manage their rosters so that no more than one star is unavailable in any one game.”

In addition, franchises are required to ensure that stars are available for all new nationally televised tournament matches of the season.

The NBA also asks that a balance be maintained between the star’s single defeats at home and away.

The peculiarity of this protocol is that, even if the star has a day of rest, he must be present on the bench so that he can be seen by the fans.

Injuries, personal reasons, absences from matches on consecutive days permitted due to the player’s age, or serious past injuries will also be considered exceptions to these rules.

The league will enforce these rules through a system of fines: “$100,000 for the first violation, $250,000 for the second violation and $1 million more than the previous fine for each additional fine,” sports specialist Adrian Wojnarowski said. ESPN.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias