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Peter Mennel, general secretary Austrian Olympic Committee (OKC), accused of serious breach of trust ordinary members of the organization who filed a complaint against him in Vienna prosecutor’s officeThis was reported this Thursday by Austrian public television. RUF.

There is no official reaction to this information, which is also published by the Viennese newspaper. Standard in its digital version.

Both media outlets claim that, in addition to Mennel, The applicants accuse the leadership of the JCC, headed by Karl Stoss (president), and also consists of vice presidents Peter SchrecksnadelSki Federation), Otto Flume (cycling) and Elizabeth Max-Theurer (Horseback Riding).

In accordance with Standard the complaint was filed by a Viennese lawyer Volkert Zackmann on behalf of the “ordinary members of the ÖCC”, i.e. the sports associations included in General Assembly of the National Olympic Committee.

The Vienna newspaper indicates that the applicants believe that they suffered loss of 416 thousand euros because they were used Olympic Committee assets For cover platform lossescall IBIY (“I believe in you”, “I believe in you“), founded more than eight years ago for obtain project financing.

The complaint states that Mennel “is suspected of having deliberately abused his powers dispose of the assets of the KLO,” the newspaper writes.

According to the minutes of the last general meeting of the EOC on July 3, which is available to the Austrian media ORF and standard, Mennel wanted to merge I Believe in You with another company called Olympic Austria GmbHA 100% subsidiary of ÖOC. The Olympic Committee makes a profit because it is financed by, among other things, Chamber of Commerce and Sponsors. This, in principle, was supposed to compensate for losses IBIY.

In addition to his duties in the KLO (Secretary General since 2010), Mennel is also the CEO of this incriminated platform. IBIY.

OOK recently came into the spotlight due to election of a new management team. Those elections are now set for Friday, September 22, at the next General Assembly. An earlier electoral proposal was rejected on July 3.

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Source: Aristegui Noticias