Fines imposed on 25 of 36 Chilean clubs for failing to meet women’s football commitments | Tweet

At least 25 Chilean clubs The first and second divisions received fines, which together are equivalent to 240 thousand dollars, for failure to fulfill their labor obligations assumed Law of October 2022 which sets mandatory professionalization of women’s football.

This follows from the audit report published this Thursday by the agency Business address. The Chilean government sanctioned these clubs, imposing fines totaling 192 million Chilean pesos (240 thousand dollars), for confirmed violations. They range from no have a 50 percent quota of contract playersto the lack of decent conditions for practicing this sport.

On September 8, the same body already decided on sanctions against women’s football clubs in Chile: hygiene and safety They were not respected.

The law established up to three years (2025) So that youAn employment contract has been concluded with all players.

Unlike men’s football, most Chilean players receive no more than the minimum monthly salary. which is about 460 thousand Chilean pesos ($575).

Despite the current law, The recruitment quota is not met by 25 of the 36 professional clubs.

Members National Women’s Football Association of Chile (ANJUFF) praised the official procedure and stated that the results of the investigation reflect the real situation in women’s football.

Camila Garciadirector of ANJUFF, told EFE:

This is a historical event for us. There has never been an audit of working conditions in sororities and you understand that while we have made regulatory progress in recent years, there are major deficiencies on the ground such as a lack of hygiene and safety for players.

Current law aimed at strengthening women’s activity and allow them to increase their competitive level and dedicate themselves exclusively to football. Despite this law, the goals have not yet been achieved.

Garcia He expressed regret that the money needed to develop women’s football is now being used to pay fines.

These millions of dollars could be spent on investment in these activities, rather than on sanctions. We are always told that there is no money, but these fines will be paid. Clubs must have a long-term strategic plan to avoid these sanctions and improve the professionalism of their activities.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias