World champions demand restructuring of Spanish women’s football

Thirty-nine players, including 21 of the 23 world champions, filed complaints this Friday against Real Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has restructured the structure of women’s football and assured that the changes made to the organization will “There aren’t enough of them to make them feel safe.”

In their statement, the players ask the RFEF to make five changes: restructuring the structure of women’s football, as well as the structure of the presidential cabinet and the general secretary; resignation of the RFEF President and restructuring of the communications and marketing areas, as well as the integrity areas.

Today, as we conveyed to the RFEF, the changes that have taken place are not enough for players to feel in a safe place where women are respected, we are committed to women’s football and where we can perform at our best.

Following the players’ statement, the RFEF postponed the announcement of the call-up of new coach Montse Thome for the Nations League matches against Sweden and Switzerland scheduled for this Spanish Friday afternoon.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias