Liga MX: America defeats Chivas in the National Classic | video

America defeated, 4-0, with Chivas this Saturday in the National Classic match played at the Azteca Stadium on Independence Day, the eighth match of the 2023 Apertura MX League tournament.

Chilean Diego Valdez He was named man of the match, scoring two superb goals from corners. A real nightmare for the “sacred flock”.

The match started with great tension from both teams and, under pressure from the local fans, the downpour that hit the Coloso de Santa Ursula was not enough to silence the Ame fans.

Chivas quickly gained possession of the ball and began to harass Luis Malagon’s area; However, at home, the “eagles” were not going to allow themselves to be dominated and within a couple of minutes they became the main characters. In the 9th minute the first shot on goal was made, the work of Leo Suarez, and Miguel Jimenez collected the ball without any problems.

Subsequently, the match broke down and turned into constant clashes. Although the grass did not give way because due to the heavy rain it was slow and heavy.

At 20 minutes, when the game was interrupted and both teams were looking for the first of the night, he appeared Brian Rodriguez. The Azulcrema striker received a shot from the flank and entered the penalty area, once inside it, left the visiting defense on the ground and, after a slight deflection of the shot, beat Miguel Jimenez.

After the goal, Aguilas positioned themselves better on the field and took control of the ball. As the minutes passed, the locals’ dominance increased and a second goal looked closer than Guadalajara’s draw.

At 36′, Diego Valdez He received the ball on the edge of the box and fired a shot that curled into the corner to extend Azulcremas’ lead. A great goal that rocked the Azteca stadium.

Subsequently, neither team managed to harm the opponent, and the first half came to an end.

After passing through the dressing room, Chivas came out in search of goal and in just two minutes beat Malagon with a powerful strike a few meters from the goal; However, the goal was disallowed due to offside.

America had a hard time reacting to the fear and was experiencing its worst moments of the game. Until, in the 59th minute, Quiñones appeared with a powerful cross, which Jimenez parried with an excellent leap.

Two minutes later, Azulcremas again created danger at the visitors’ goal. With the goalkeeper already beaten, the “sacred herd” defense had to get over the line to keep the score level.

In the 65th minute, Valdez received the ball in the penalty area and, with several defenders in front of him, fired a point shot that returned to the corner to make it 3-0.

Five minutes later, “Piojo” Alvarado struck a shot from inside the penalty area that made it difficult for Malagon but ended well.

Chivas continued to create dangerous opportunities, but their aim was poor and they missed clear opportunities. Meanwhile, the Águilas remained connected and at one point only intensified Guadalajara’s nightmare.

At 80′ Rodriguez went alone to the flank and sent a cross to the far post, Alejandro Zendejas closed the clamp and put the fourth goal on the scoreboard.

In the 87th minute, goalkeeper Jimenez fouled Cabecita Rodriguez and the referee awarded a penalty. The VAR reviewed the play and overturned the maximum penalty.


Liga MX
America – Guadalajara 4:0
Aztec Stadium
Referee: Fernando Guerrero

1-0 Brian Rodriguez 20′
2-0 Diego Valdez 36′
3-0 Diego Valdez 65′
4-0 Alejandro Zendejas 80′



Luis Malagon
Luis Fuentes
Igor Likhnovsky
Ramon Juarez
Kevin Alvarez
Jonathan Dos Santos
Alvaro Fidalgo
Diego Valdez
Brian Rodriguez
Leo Suarez
Julian Quinones
Coach: Andre Jardine


Miguel Jimenez
Christian Calderon
Antonio Briseno
Jesus Orozco
Jesus Sanchez
Eric Gutierrez
Fernando Beltran
Fernando Gonzalez
Alexis Vega
Ricardo Marin
Roberto Alvarado
Coach: Veljko Paunovic

Source: Aristegui Noticias