Jennifer Hermoso is not called up to the Spanish national team to ‘protect’ her | Tweet

Montserrat Tome, the new Spanish coach presented her first official list with 23 calls, 15 of them are world championsbut with a noticeable absence Jennifer Hermosowhich He didn’t want to quote to “defend” her. from all the media fuss caused by his kiss Luis Rubiales now former President of the RFEF, during the celebration of the victory in Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand 2023.

Beautiful, currently with The Pachuca Gophers in Liga MX Femenilis one of the most important players in the Spanish national team. He wore his jersey in 69 games and scored 40 goals. but in the first two matches of the Nations League against Sweden and Switzerland it won’t.

At a press conference Thome justified his decision to exclude Hermoso:

We are with Jenny on everything and with all the players. To help them, you need to be there for them and listen to them. I think the best way to protect Jenny is (not to call her out). We have her, I’ve been working with her for five years and I met her as a professional colleague because when we played together we met each other.

Jenny is a professional soccer player and loves what she does, but this case went beyond all levels.

“I would not like to make conversations with players public,” he pointed.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias