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Spanish national team players They insisted on this on Monday, stating their “willingness not to be called for good reasons” For Women’s soccer teaml, a few hours after the new national strategist, Montserrat Tome, announced list of 23 players calls for fulfillment of the first two obligations League of Nations vs Sweden and Switzerland.

Spanish football players note that what was expressed in the previous statement is “clear and without the possibility of any other interpretation” of them “the company will not be called for valid reasons” and that “these statements remain in full force and effect.”

The players explain that “within a few days of this announcement” they want to “make it public.” Nothing else was shared with any RFEF member.“, so they ask “directly, what the information that is shared publicly is strict.”

“We, as elite professional players, after everything that happened today, will study possible legal consequences to which RFEF exposes us putting yourself in list from which we were asked not to call for reasons already publicly and in more detail explained by RFEF, and at the same time make the best decision for our future and for our health“, they add.

Likewise, they believe that the call “was not completed in a timely manner”, In accordance with Art. 3.2 Annexes I of the Regulations FIFA Charter and Player Transfer”, so they understand that The RFEF is “not in a position” to demand that they “go for it”.

We once again regret that our Federation puts us in a situation that we would never want.

Last September 15 39 players, between them 21 out of 23 world champions, They demanded from the RFEF restructuring of the organizational structure of women’s football and assured that the changes that have occurred in the body “are not enough to make them feel safe.”

In a statement that day, the players asked the RFEF to make five changes: restructuring the structure of women’s football, as well as the structure of the presidential cabinet and general secretary; resignation of the RFEF President, the position he currently holds on an interim basis Pedro RochaAnd restructuring of communications and marketingas well as the direction of integrity.

“Today, as we conveyed to RFEF the changes that have occurred are not enough so that players feel comfortable a safe place where women are respected We are committed to women’s football where we can perform at our best,” they said.

This statement was made by the players RFEF delays announcement of challenge to Montse Tome for matches The League of nations against Sweden and Switzerland scheduled for the same on September 15.

This Monday, 15 world champions, as well as several players who did not participate in FIFA World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.How Mapi Leon and Patri Guijarro, appear in call Toma for Nations League matches against Swedenthis Friday and Swiss, on Tuesday next week when he won’t be there Jennifer Hermoso.

World Champions The list of call-ups includes: Misa Rodriguez, Kata Call, Enit Salon (goalkeeper); Irene Paredes, Oyhane Hernandez, Olga Carmona, Ona Batlle (defenders), Aitana Bonmati, Alexia Putellas, Maria Perez, Tere Abeleira (midfielders), Athena del Castillo, Esther Gonzalez, Eva Navarro and Mariona Caldentey (forwards).

In addition to Mapi Leon and Patry Guijarrothe most significant of those that at one time, before the World Cup, They refused to participate in the selection Other players who were not present at the universal event are also mentioned, such as defenders Laya Aleijandri and Maria Mendes, midfielder Rosa Marquez and forwards Inma Gabarro, Amayur Zarriegui and Lucia García.

Players who took part in the World Cup and are now removed from the list for various reasons, Jenny HermosoRocio Galvez, Salma ParallueloLaya Codina, Ivana Andres, Irene Guerrero, Claudia Zornosa and Alba Redondo.

This first call to Monse Tome, it made it easier Jorge Wilda after his dismissal, this happens a total of 39 players, including all world champions except Athena del Castillo and Claudia Zornosa, who left the national team, demanded three days ago, despite departure of the previous coach and Luis Rubiales, In order to return to the national team, the now former RFEF president still had to restructure the organizational structure of women’s football, the presidential cabinet and general secretary, communications and marketing, and integrity management.

A few hours before the presentation and compilation of the RFEF list, which is now headed by the president of the management committee, Pedro Rochapublished a statement in which he called on the national team players “join led change” organization and guaranteed them”safe environment” for his return to the team.

Spain, the reigning world champions, is set to begin its participation in the tournament. The League of nations, which also meets the criteria 2024 Olympic Games in Parisin view of Sweden in Gothenburg on Friday and Tuesday 26th, before Swiss In Cordoba.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias