“I hope to play again and feel competitive”: Rafael Nadal | video

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal I confirm this His dream is to “play again” and feel “competitive” again. and clarified that while 2024 “may” be his last year, as he has said, he cannot confirm this “one hundred percent.”

In an interview this Monday for Movistar Plus, Nadal stated:

I would like to play again and be competitive again. I hope I don’t come back and win Roland Garros or Australia so people don’t get confused. At the time I am in my life, all this is very far away. I’m not saying it’s impossible because things change very quickly in sports. But I am not delusional, I am aware of the difficulties I face.

And added the Balearic tennis player, former number one in the world and winner of 22 Grand Slam titles:

One thing is insurmountable – age. And secondly, physical problems that prevent me from training 100% regularly. The combination of these two things makes achieving some goals very difficult or almost impossible. This doesn’t diminish my enthusiasm because I hope to play again and feel competitive. Then we’ll see where I am, and from there I’ll set certain goals.

As for 2024, he noted: “I said this might be my last year, and I stand by that. But I can’t confirm this one hundred percent. I do this with a completely natural exercise, I can’t answer it because I don’t know.. There’s a good chance this will be my last year. because I see what kind of body I havebut I don’t know what it will be like in 3 or 4 months, I’m always open to what the future may bring.”

I’m not sure what I want to do in 2024 because due to my condition I can’t say clearly. For me, my approach to the year completely changes if a person has one goal or another. I can’t answer this question because I don’t know. Now I don’t even have to answer myself.

That’s why his calendar hangs in the air: “I’m realistic and cautious because life has brought me to this point. You never know where it might be. Will the scenario change if in the clay season I think that I have a real chance of winning Roland Garros or not? It certainly changes the way we create a calendar.”

“If I think I have a chance to win, I have to choose which tournaments to play. If I feel like I can play but for various reasons am unable to win or have options, maybe I might want to do a farewell tour in a more sentimental way.. “These are answers I cannot give,” he said.

Nadal He doesn’t think about where he wants to play his last official match: “I don’t know, because I don’t know when I can play it and where it will be, I don’t have it planned. I think this will be my last year, but… what if I suddenly become perfect? If I feel good, fully recovered and want to continue, why should I now say something I don’t know?”

“I’m careful, when I know the answer, I’ll say it. I live day to day with the ability to empower myself to make decisions. And now I don’t want to think about anything else, because you can’t think every day. I will work and then my physique and my mental state will tell me what they allow me to do,” he said.

Nadal, who said he also took advantage of his break to have surgery on the hip in addition to the psoas muscle, analyzed the figure of his compatriot Carlos Alcaraz: “It has youth, strength, projection someone very, very big. But much can happen later in the career of each athlete, and there are moments that also do not depend on him. “We have to be careful.”

If I had to tell him anything, it would be that he needs to keep improving. The hope of continuing to improve is what keeps you motivated, and it’s what has kept me motivated throughout my career. Training for the sake of training gets me really tired, I enjoy training because I’m excited to improve. Later I will improve it or not, but I will train with this hope.

He also admitted that he had been on leave at sea for five weeks and that When he’s not playing, he watches “very little” tennis “due to lack of connection.” and that when he does this, his character does not change: “My character changes when I experience more pain than necessary. Living with daily pain is more difficult. Now I live not without pain, but with controlled pain that does not make my life miserable. That’s why I have a good character.”

I feel sadder or more “fucked up” when I experience more pain than necessary. I have a very sore leg, and it often does not allow me to live in peace; I often find it difficult to go down the stairs at home in the morning. When this happens, and it does happen, it is difficult to be very happy.

About his experience as a father, he stated: “I have always liked children in general, and if they were my own, then even more so. There are better days and worse days, but if I really need a good rest, I will do it. I am a father who spent a lot of time with him at home, holding him in my arms, my back hurt because he was on top of me. “Sometimes I take him for a walk around my house, which everyone does.”

On the other hand, he revealed what his life will be like when he hangs up his racket: “I have a lot to do, many projects that are already being implemented. and that they are going to leave. Everything will develop naturally, it doesn’t bother me. If I finish my sports career today, tomorrow I can do many of the things I’m working on now.”

I am attracted to personal projects, the academy is an important project for me. Why didn’t he see me training for weeks? Yes, I understand that sports will not be the main part of my life, although sports will always be a very important part of my life.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias