NFL: Browns confirm serious injury to Nick Chubb, out for season | video

Kevin Stefanski head coach of the national team Cleveland Browns, announced Tuesday that the runner Nick Chubb is out of the 2023 NFL season. To left knee injury that he suffered last Monday from Pittsburgh Steelers with his team losing 22-26.

At a press conference Stefanski disclosed:

I spoke to him this morning and he is as disappointed as you can imagine. It’s difficult because these guys put a lot into it. They are people first and foremost, and they are hurting, we are all hurting, because of what is happening.

The corridor that will require surgical intervention to eliminate injury, suffered an injury early in the second quarter of last Monday’s game, which The Browns lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 26–22.

This happened during a catch during which born in Cedartown, Georgiatried to throw the ball into the end zone, but An opponent’s block caused his left knee to bend sharply.

Four-time Pro Bowl selection fc.u. removed from the field in a crash cart between cheers from Steelers fans who chanted the player’s name as he left the game Akrisure Stadiumhome of the arch-rival Cleveland Browns.

severity of injury confirmed his coach.

The best thing we can do to support and honor Nick Chubb is to get out there and show up on the field. I think that’s ultimately what Nick hopes this team will do.

Kevin Stefanski emphasized that They can’t replace Chubb’s figure, although there will always be someone in the lineup ready to compete.

You won’t replace Nick Chubb. You just don’t do it; You look around and there is not a single person who can replace a player of his caliber. So we all need to do a little more. We need to do a little more everywhere.

This the second time in his career that Chubb received this type of injury. In 2015, when he played for Georgia Bulldogs college football, He also tore major ligaments in his left knee.

This year 2023 Nick Chubb was hoping to have his fifth straight season with over 100 rushing yards.To; in his absence, Jerome Ford will become the main corridor Browns.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias