The Swedes will support the possible boycott of the Nations League match by the Spaniards | Tweet

Players Sweden women’s national team will support their Spanish colleagues if they decide to boycott their party UEFA Nations League this Friday at Gamla Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg. the midfielder said on Tuesday Philippa Angeldal.

After most of the world champion Spain team was called up to the squad on Monday, The players said they would continue their boycott of the national team. Although some came to training under threat of sanctions.

Boycott of Spanish players called request for changes in form and content V Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) as a result of a kiss without consent Luis Rubiales who has already submitted his resignation as president to the player Jennifer Hermoso during the World Champions Awards Ceremony on August 20 in Sydney.

Spain will play on Friday against Sweden in Gothenburg. and next Tuesday he will face Switzerland makes its Nations League debut in Cordobacompetition that will determine which European teams qualify for Olympic Games 2024 in Paris.

On the likelihood that Spain will boycott the match, and the players decide not to participate, Angeldal told reporters about this.

This is a very difficult situation (…) They need to know that they have all the support they need, that other countries support them in whatever decision they decide to take.

And added s.swedish favorite O:

If they think they’ll have to organize a boycott to get something done, we’ll obviously support them (…) I don’t think anyone would want to go through something like that. I think it affects them a lot mentally.

When asked if Sweden will boycott the match Angeldahl said the decision belonged to “other people at a higher level.”

Selector Peter Gerhardsson He said the possible boycott had not affected Sweden’s preparations for the match.

Naturally, we would like to have this information, but you will not need it for this training or for tomorrow. We didn’t even talk about it today, and we won’t talk about it tomorrow either.

(according to information from Reuters)

Source: Aristegui Noticias