IOC and UN Women renew agreement on gender equality in sport | Tweet

He International Olympic Committee (IOC) and United Nations (UN) Women on Tuesday renewed their agreement, in place since 2012, to promote gender equality through sport, using it to “empowering women and girls.”

Thomas Bachthe president IOCstated:

Sport has the potential to change lives, and expanding our partnership with UN Women will help us ensure that all women and girls have the opportunity to benefit from this unique power of sport.

New Memorandum of understandingsigned Bach and Executive Director of UN Women Sima Bacchusextends the agreement, which entered into force in 2012 and was first extended in 2017. It contributes to sustainable development outcomes that impact the daily lives of women and girls.

Bacchus He assured that sport is an “unmatched” asset for end “discrimination and violence” against women and girls and ensure their participation”in leadership and decision making“. “There could be no greater purpose for us and we are honored to renew our partnership with the IOC,” he added.

With the new agreement, the IOC and UN Women will focus on three goals basic : “promote gender-sensitive management and investment policies”create “safe and equal opportunities for women and girls to benefit from sport, physical activity and physical education”, as well as “prevent gender-based violence.”

The Memorandum of Understanding is accompanied by General plan of activities a two-year program that will contribute to the implementation of the IOC’s gender equality priorities as set out in its Gender equality and inclusion goals 2021–2024.

In addition, the IOC and UN Women will continue to develop the program. One victory leads to another (OWLA), launched by both organizations as a legacy program Olympic Games Rio 2016using sport as a tool prevent violence against girls and women in Brazil.

The program is now expanding through a joint project Project for Gender Equality through Sports for all Latin America, Caribbean and Asia Pacific. The goal of the project is to help sports and public development organizations, as well as politicians in use sport as a tool to promote gender equality and prevent gender-based violence.

The IOC assures that “significant progress” has been made in the area of ​​gender equality, such as the fact that 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are going to become the first Games to achieve full gender parityAt the same time, the IOC allocated exactly the same number of quotas to female and male athletes.

Reforms IOC Olympic program for 2020 contributed to increasing the representation of women on IOC commissions from 20% in 2013 to 50% in 2022. Thanks to these reforms, about 40% of IOC members Now they are women; This implies growth from 21% to the Olympic program.

The IOC also works to promote gender equality in other areas. This includes the implementation of specific initiatives to increase the number of women represented in key leadership positionsand supporting stakeholders in implementing practices of equal and inclusive representation.

(according to information from Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias