Facundo Pellistri: “We are grateful to Junior for lending us his house”

“The strongest idea is high intensity, the team close together and that from the outside you can see a compact team with the desire to go to the press and try to play as equals on every field and every rival,” said the football player in a gift. with the media.

He football playerwho is in the process of becoming a starter is sure he is aware of the absence of ‘the yellow one’but they will focus on playing their game.

“Obviously we’re all figuring this out, it’s reaching us, but Colombia has great players and everyone who plays is going to do well, so on that side we’re not so worried, we’re more focused on the work we have to do doing. Doing. Who will play for Colombia will become clear later, the time is right, but for now we are very focused on our work,” the player noted.

The attacker gave details of what he told them Santiago Mele, goalkeeper Junior, to adapt to the strong climate of Barranquilla.

“Lots of hydration, he recommended an energy drink, I don’t know exactly which brand but it has a wonderful taste. I think blueberries and well, lots of hydration and nothing, the heat of a bit will be for both of us,” he said.

Source: El heraldo