Hug and exchange of shirts at the end of a ‘red hot’ duel

Football brought them together and football separated them, but only for 90 minutes. Liverpool teammates Luis Díaz and Darwin Núñez showed with Uruguay and Colombia that they have a great friendship and that they only put it on hold while they each fought for their own thing in the 2026 World Cup qualifier.

Before and after the football match at the Metropolitan Stadium, the two students of Jurgen Klopp, coach of the ‘Reds’, gave each other a loving hug and sent each other good vibes.

They were rarely close during the match. The Guajiro fought against Nahitan Nández and Ronald Araújo, as the Uruguayan tried to break Camilo Vargas’ resistance.

They were not the great figures of commitment, but they were protagonists. Díaz with the goal options he was looking for and his valuable participation in the second tricolor goal, Núñez when he executed a penalty against goalkeeper Álvaro Montero at a crucial moment in the match that meant a 2-2 draw.

The Uruguayan striker received the maximum penalty, despite Nicolás De La Cruz receiving the ball and appearing to shoot.

“Nico grabbed her. I told him, ‘get her, maybe they will come and talk to me and distract me.’ It was a strategy,” Núñez acknowledged.

The attacker was able to crystallize in twelve steps what his teammate at the English Reds did not complete.

“The striker always wants to score goals, but the most important thing is that I always try to help the team,” he noted.

Neither coffee nor mate. Nobody won the duel. A great game was tasted. The football of both teams smells good. The winner was the crowd that enjoyed that football dish.

A second hug, with remarkable exuberance, and the exchange of shirts sealed this red-hot friendship duel.

Source: El heraldo