Haas refuses to return sponsorship money to Mazepin and demands compensation

According to a letter from Haas, Haas is refusing to repay its former title sponsor, Uralkali, for nearly $12 million in sponsorship. motosport.com† Nikita Mazepin, the wealthy father of the fired Haas driver, is the main shareholder of the Russian fertilizer company.

Haas broke his sponsorship deal with Uralkali earlier last month because Dmitry Mazepin has close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who invaded Ukraine in late February. Nikita Mazepin was also fired. He was replaced by Kevin Magnussen.

Uralkali later asked Haas to refund the sponsorship money he had already paid because the US Formula 1 team unilaterally canceled the deal. It involved an amount of 12 million euros.

Haas has now denied the allegation. As the reason for this, the team cites a clause in the sponsorship deal stating that Uralkali “will not harm, mock or tarnish Haas’ reputation, charity or positive image”.

“Legalists and case law unanimously say that the party terminating the contract for breach of the other party is not obligated to repay what it received under the contract,” Haas wrote in the letter. said. Uralkali has not yet commented on the denial.

Russian driver Nikita Mazepin was fired from Haas last month.

Russian driver Nikita Mazepin was fired from Haas last month.

Russian driver Nikita Mazepin was fired from Haas last month.

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Haas demands 8 million euros in damages

In the same letter, Haas demands compensation of 8 million euros for “loss of income”. According to Haas, this amount must be paid within a few days, otherwise Mazepin’s car will not be offered to Uralkali. The former title sponsor would receive a copy of the car from the Russian.

Mazepin, 23, spent a year in Formula 1. Thanks to his father’s millions, the Russian secured a spot with Haas last season, but did not play a major role in the championship. He finished goalless in last place in the World Cup standings.

Haas is in much better form this season. Magnussen took 12 points from the first three races and most of those points came from fifth place in the opening race in Bahrain. Last Sunday he gave up in Australia. Teammate Mick Schumacher still has zero points.

Source: NU