Santiago 2023: Mexico starts Pan-American baseball with “jewel” and defeats host

Mexican baseball team won this Wednesday by an overwhelming margin 16-0 in favor of Chile at first Pan American Games Santiago 2023the opening ceremony of which will take place this Friday, in a game played at the Cerrillos stadium south of the Chilean capital.

Mexicowho became the champion in Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvadorsignificantly superior to their opponent, and by the fifth inning of the confrontation they already had a game in hand with a 16-point lead, thereby completing the first match of discipline against the hosts.

According to baseball rules, a game may end before the completion of nine innings if the difference in the score between both teams exceeds 10 runs.

The Aztec team demonstrated its full strength in battle, gaining a total of 13 views and they added two runs in the first inning. Eight extra runs were scored in the third inning, and they already had a 16-hit lead in the fourth inning to add theirs. first victory in the competition.

The team didn’t go down the hill he allowed no runs or hitsan achievement known among diamonds as the β€œjewel of submission.”

Mexico arrives at the Pan American Games as one of the favorites for the podiumalong with the chosen ones Cuba And Venezuelawhile Chile endured a bitter debut in the discipline at the Games.

Baseball that will be played from 18 to 28 OctoberThis game will continue when Panama faces the Dominican Republic and Venezuela faces Brazil.

The National Ninths’ journey continues on Saturday 21st when they meet Dominican and on Monday the 24th they will face each other Panama close the qualifying round.

XIX Pan American Games They will be held from October 20 to November 5, and the VII Parapan American Games will be held from November 17 to 26.


Source: Aristegui Noticias