“Cristiano Ronaldo and I ate leftover hamburgers from McDonald’s”

Fabio Paim, one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s friends and teammates in his early days at Sporting Lisbon, revealed on Thursday that he and the Portuguese star went to one of McDonald’s headquarters to eat the leftover burgers they had thrown away.

In an interview with British newspaper The Sun, Paim, three years CR7’s junior, said she built a great friendship with him as they were both very skilled on the pitch and shared a love of fast food.

“When we played for Sporting and lived in the academy, we lived in the stadium. In the evening we went to McDonald’s to pick up the hamburgers that no one wanted anymore and that were no longer selling well. We were there every night for burgers,” said Paim, who did not accompany his excellent circumstances with discipline and took a completely different life path than that of the current world football star.

“Yes, Sporting knew. It’s not like today. They let us leave. We were friends. I can’t say best friends, but we were friends. I spent holidays with him. One of them was in Brazil, it was my first time in Brazil, before the 2004 European Championship,” says Paim.

Source: El heraldo