Could Argentina lose title in Qatar due to doping by ‘Papu’ Gomez?

Argentine striker Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gomezwho plays Monza Italian, it was suspended for two years for dopingThe club announced this on Friday. Kit.

The 35-year-old, who joined Monza as a free agent at the end of September, was part of the squad. Argentina national team Who did win World Cup in Qatar 2022. and now, due to the doping case, the possibility of the Albiceleste losing their third star has arisen in the minds of many fans, since “Papu” was a player who took part in the tournament that ended with victory over France in the final.

Sentenced to two years in prison for using a controlled substance before the World Championship competitions, yes there is a way to remove the headerbut it doesn’t just depend on Gomez’s actions.

As installed World Anti-Doping Code Whereby FIFAstates in its Article 11 that A team may lose any title it has earned if two or more players test positive for doping., and at the moment only a recording of the former Monza exists. However, if the second player tests positive, Argentina will be back to having only two World Cups to their name.

Then no, They won’t lose their title, but “Papa” will..

As established by the competition regulations, the player loses as World title which he won on December 18, 2022 and Europa League who won together Seville last time May 31st.

According to international media reports, doping control was took place in early November since last year, and although if this jeopardizes third place for the South Americans, all the consequences will be personal.

Papu Gomez took part in two matches of the group stage of Qatar 2022to Saudi Arabia and Australia, as well as to 3 Europa League matchesone in front of him Manchester United and two games against Juventus.

Source: Aristegui Noticias