“Humanity needs a reason to come together”: Thomas Bach

“Humanity needs a reason to come together”: Thomas Bach

Thomas BachPresident of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), assured this Monday in Montevideo that Humanity ‘needs a reason to come together’ and noted that the next 2024 Olympic Games in Paris They will be a “great opportunity” for everyone to get together. “pacifist competition”

At a press conference German leaderarrived in Uruguay for escort local Olympic committee Celebrating his centenary, he noted:

The Olympic Games will be a great opportunity for everyone to unite in pacifist competition. In this divided world, in a world of wars and confrontations.

He added that humanity needs a reason to come together, conduct dialogue and contribute to the cause of peace, while describing in detail that Athletes in the Olympic Village are “great ambassadors of peace and friendship”.

Earlier at the conference Bach He explained that athletes from all over the world are present here. “They live together and in harmony” make them The Olympic Games are “a great symbol of peace.”

The IOC President also said that the idea of ​​this event “unite the whole world” V peaceful competition and what about athletes? “They put aside the differences that divide the world.”

Accordingly, he explained that he hoped that Paris 2024 will join athletes from all over the world, while he emphasized that these will be the first“completely equal.”

Team Uruguay will represent their wonderful country as it deserves and contribute to the pacifist mission of the Olympic Games. Peace is about creating a better world where everyone can thrive and where all people are treated equally.

Besides, former fencer, 1976 Montreal Olympic medalist, claimed that sport “It’s like the glue that holds communities together.” and allows people from different backgrounds”build connections and friendships.”

Bach, who recalled that in 2016 the IOC created Olympic team of refugee athletes, marked:

Societies must seek ways to integrate migrants and refugees.

“I want to take this opportunity toexpress gratitude to KOU for active participation in reception of refugee athletes. This shows that Solidarity runs through the veins of the Uruguayan Olympic community“, he claimed.

Finally, Bach welcomed KOU for his 100 years of existence and took the opportunity to recognize his president’s “immense contribution to the Olympic movement”, Julius Caesar Maglione.

Later, the IOC President took part in the presentation postage stamp dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Uruguay Olympic Committeepresented by the National Postal Administration.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias