World champion Drummond needs to convince national coach Van Ass

World champion Drummond needs to convince national coach Van Ass

“No, this is definitely not a gesture.” National coach Paul van Ass made it possible for ice hockey player Eva Drummond to return to football during Eva de Goede’s life since her marriage to South African ice hockey player Tim Drummond. The Dutch team meets today after more than a year. But given their track record, this is definitely not a “nice thing”.

Although this is of course undisputed, Van Ass also believes: “She is one of the greatest Dutch ice hockey players and has contributed a lot to the status of Dutch women’s hockey at the moment. We shouldn’t take this lightly. But it is possible. for world-class sport.” And she wants to say that there is no room for gifts.

When he announced the team that would participate in the European Championship at the beginning of the year, this gift did not materialize. The ice hockey player announced in October 2022 that he wants to take a break as a national player and, among other things, continue his recovery from a serious knee injury following the World Cup victory with the Dutch team. It became available again in April.

Van Ass accepted it as it was. “I wasn’t afraid to say it: This isn’t for me right now. I broke away from the past by going in a different direction with the band. “I didn’t invite them to the European Championship at that time.”

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Will this be the end of the international career of the midfielder, who recently turned 34 and has 258 caps? “Yes, of course that crosses your mind,” the three-time Olympic champion and three-time world champion admits. “I think it would make sense if you stayed out of this. “Then this news came and it was really great and I could show it to the Dutch team.”

He still needs to convince Van Ass. Drummond was still referred to as De Goede when he tore his ACL and suffered meniscus damage at the end of 2021. A phase of rehabilitation followed. And it’s a race against time to make it in time for the World Cup in your home country. This mission was successful at the last minute. “I was an outsider then,” Van Ass says, “but when I looked at it, I felt a little fragile.”

The Netherlands, who are without two-time World Player of the Year (2018 and 2019), won their twelfth European gold medal last summer. There’s no reason why Van Ass shouldn’t give Drummond the chance to return to the draft. “It was the right time for this. “I’m excited to see if he can make the same contribution now that he did in the past.”

“Driving is 100 percent safe,” says the national coach. “I see it in everything and I notice it in him too. But it’s also about seeing whether the form is still there, whether the fit is still there. “I will only learn about these when I see them at the election.” Dutch team. From there I can better evaluate whether it can add value to hockey. “I don’t know that yet.”

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Drummond, who joined low-flying HGC in the summer of 2021 after ten years at Amsterdam’s top club, was a bit surprised by the invitation. “A little bit, yes. “I was hoping for that, but it’s unexpected since you haven’t been there for a year.”

But now he will fight for his place. “Yes, I always had to fight. There are never any guarantees. I never had one, so I don’t have one now. In this respect, the situation is no different. “It’s a little bit different because I haven’t been there for a while.” “I was there. That’s what makes it exciting. And it’s hard. But at the same time, I’m really looking forward to it.”

He thinks he’s much further along, both physically and in hockey, than he was at the time of the World Cup, and he’s secretly setting his sights on next year’s Olympics in Paris. It’s certainly an attractive spot on the horizon that could be a great moment to end his career on his own, at least as a national player. “Yes. But I don’t blame everything on him.

“I’ll see how it goes. First we have Pro League matches in Argentina and that’s what I’m focusing on right now. Of course, that’s somewhere on the horizon, a little further away. But I haven’t decided everything yet.” I still have my eyes set on this. I want to keep it to myself, play hockey myself first, see how things go and where I stand. I enjoyed it very much too. I’m sure if I do this in any way, I’ll wish you a happy graduation.

Source: NOS