Junior’s future

Junior’s future

Here we are again. Making calculations with the fingers of the hands, or the toes, with an abacus or calculator, to predict the immediate future of the junior of Barranquilla.

This time we don’t have to speculate, add, subtract, multiply, divide and wish bad luck on our rivals. I read somewhere, and it seemed like the best way to explain the situation, that the good thing is that Junior’s fate is in Junior’s hands. And the worst part is that Junior’s fate is in Junior’s hands. I basically loved it.

Junior has had an uneven campaign. He did not win with ‘Bolillo’. Reyes ranked him 17th and has him ranked eighth, which is last among the ranked. There are players who sometimes perform and sometimes not. Others sometimes don’t, sometimes yes. Others sometimes don’t, and sometimes don’t. There are a few that we forgot were in the squad.

The fact that Junior is eighth is good. The fact that he qualifies by winning both competitions is very nice. Away match against Pereira. Local match against Huila.

The bad thing is that Junior has 24 points and although he has +8 in goal difference, he can only qualify by winning the last 6 points. Cali has the same 24 points as Junior. And with 23 Bucaramanga, Pasto and Santa Fe.

So you have no alternatives. Win or win. Junior players need to know what the real situation is. And if they haven’t understood “something so complicated” yet, we can explain it to them with plasticine.

In the first league match of the year, where Junior finished ninth and was eliminated, they drew 0-0 with Pereira in the Metro and won 2-0 against Huila in Neiva.

In other words, they couldn’t beat Pereira at home and now they have to beat them as a visitor. And if they don’t beat Huila at home, 19th in the table and relegated, they don’t deserve to qualify. So less tantrums and scaremongering and let’s get to work…

Source: El heraldo