“My soul hurts,” Pinto says after the death of his student Freddy Rincón

Yes, there is someone important in the football career of Freddy Rincon that is George Louis Pinto

The man from Santander saw in him a diamond in the rough when he found him in Santa Fe and polished him until he became an off-road midfielder, with two areas, with a brand and a target, able to put on overalls and a skirt.

that combination effective of defense and heart attack the fact that Pinto taught him so much on the main team helped him become that colossal midfielder who left a huge mark on the history of Colombian football.

“Today my soul hurts”Pinto tweeted this Thursday morning.

“I am very saddened by the departure of an admirable person who has conquered the hearts of the world with his football,” said the renowned coach.

Rincón has never denied Pinto’s relevance in the development of his circumstances and has always valued his teachings.

The last time Rincón accompanied Pinto as a technical assistant in Millonarios.

“Freddy, my dear friend, I will miss you forever!

My solidarity hug for his whole family,” the DT concluded in his farewell message department

Source: El heraldo