Luis Rubiales is appealing against FIFA’s decision to ban him for three years

Through his account on the social networking finals of the Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Rubiales was initially provisionally suspended for 90 days and the disqualification was confirmed on Monday understand that after the final he violated Article 13 of the organization’s code by putting his hands on his genitals in the box after Spain’s victory against England and kissing Jenni Hermoso on the mouth during the medal ceremony.

In his text, the former president of the RFEF states that, after opening the file, FIFA granted him a period of ten days to express his position, but that two days later he was informed of the preventive suspension of his position as president without listening to him. it.

The former president believes that “FIFA’s procedure was characterized by the issuing of decisions without the basis for doing so” and that he was suspended for 66 out of 90 days without having a full hearing to defend himself.

“Based on the first decision that provisionally suspended me for 90 days and which was only issued on September 15 and communicated on September 19, the disciplinary committee based the decision and the urgency on ‘my presence as chairman of the RFEF would disrupt the administration of justice ‘ (in FIFA’s disciplinary proceedings),” he explains.

“The decision of the Appeals Committee He rejected my appeal on September 29, despite the fact that on September 11 I resigned from both my positions at RFEF and UEFA, where I held the vice-presidency. If I no longer hold any position in the world of football, how can I endanger the proceedings by holding a position? Once again everything was reported without grounds, the grounds that have not yet been communicated to me today, October 30, which meant that I could once again not appeal the decision to the CAS. And all this only with regard to the precautionary measures imposed,” he emphasizes.

He also emphasizes that he requested a hearing to be able to present his arguments in person before the disciplinary committee, and that this was refused “without giving the reason.” “I have repeatedly denounced, to FIFA itself and to the CAS, that the Disciplinary Committee decided from the outset to include in the file only the statements of people who, according to the press, They had testified against me before the National Court” he argues.

“News that has delved into a negative view towards me, without at any time taking into account news or publication in any other sense. I understand that any judging entity must take into account all available evidence and not just the evidence that supports the version of the party that wants to convict me,” he adds.

He also regrets that the statements have occasionally been made by people who are not part of the proceedings, such as FIFA Secretary General, Senegalese Fatma Samoura, who, according to him, “destroy the impartiality and independence of the organizations that are involved is called into question’. responsible for “office”.

Rubiales indicates that “Everyone can draw their own conclusions about FIFA’s actions. compared” to their record and other cases, “in which at least the suspect has had the opportunity to present his allegations before receiving a provisional sanction (if he has received one).”

Source: El heraldo