Rincón and the 1993 final: “Panesso, whistle, this Junior deserves to be champion”

Everything had happened in the gramado of the Metropolitan stadium. Flowing emotion on both planes during that last game of the last home run of 1993

Junior already won 3-2 against América de Cali with the famous goal of oswaldo mackenzie in the grip of the game.

The stands enjoyed and celebrated the title, but the referee Fernando Panessowho had had an unwise and controversial performance did not blow the final whistle until Freddy Rincón, a midfielder of the scarlet team, advised him: “Panesso, whistle now, this Junior deserves to be champion.”

The story is told by several protagonists and Victor Danilo Pachecoa member of that team that captured the third red and white star confirmed it to EL HERALDO yesterday, in the middle of an interview for the death of Rincón, at the age of 55, last Wednesday evening, after a car accident. transit in Cali, in the early hours of Monday.

“We all know what that final was. A vibrant match where all the ingredients were there. Finally, when Oswaldo Mackenzie made it 3-2, Freddy Rincón himself approached Panesso and said: ‘Panesso, whistle now, this Junior deserves to be champion. for what he has done throughout the tournament’”, said Pacheco.

Source: El heraldo