The Junior world paid three tributes to Freddy Rincón

The death of Freddy Rincón did not go unnoticed at the Metropolitano stadium, the stage where he lost many afternoons and nights of his good football. Before and during the game in which Junior Atlético defeated Bucaramanga 2-0, this Saturday night, on matchday 16 of the League, the legendary former Valle del Cauca player who died on Wednesday night at the age of 55 after a traffic jam was commemorated. accident on Monday morning.

The first tribute to Rincón in the ‘Metro’ was the minute of silence ordered by Dimayor in all stadiums of the country. The mates, who are always noisy with their instruments and chants, even when the folk songs are playing, paused.

The players, in the middle of the field, remained motionless as ‘taps’ (the funeral cornet) sounded on the speakers of the stadium and at the same time an image of Freddy Rincón was projected on the two gigantic screens.

Source: El heraldo