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Simeone and Guardiola, at Atlético da Cidade in the metro this Wednesday. David Ramos (Getty Images)

There are matches, play-offs, which start the game from the moment fate unites two teams who understand football against each other and does not end when the referee whistles at the end of the return leg, nor when the players go up the stairs . The dressing tunnel, even as the coaches arrive at the press room.

When you, dear readers, concluded this paragraph, you naturally thought of the match between Atletico Madrid and Manchester City, which seemed to have no end. And you will be right, absolutely right. This is the effect of the dynamism of those great clubs and their excellent coaches, adept at the game and excellent social, each to their parishioners who know that the final touches are being put to the game in a space off the field. press room. Simeone decided to keep up the pressure for at least 180 minutes in both games. Guardiola, will enter the next semi-final, which will take him back to Madrid, Santiago Bernabeu.

But if you think about it last Tuesday, you will see that at the end of the game the same thing happened in Munich, which fairly and deservedly led Villarreal to the semi-finals of the Champions League and left Bayern. The huge Bayern, who often seemed invincible to us, the Bayern who probably thought for a moment that he was lucky in the draw, how could he, if he was the ghost of Real Madrid, Barca and Atletico de Madrid. It doesn’t have to be Villarreal, which of course can’t be placed exactly on the map. Come on, if wolves like us play at RB Leipzig, let me give you an example. Even at a time when the intense and combative Thomas Mueller and his dog managed to dedicate themselves to analyzing Emery’s team, this did not allow them to overcome this obstacle in the semifinals.

spanish target

Nor is it perhaps a new definition that German coach Julian Nagelsmann made in Spanish football when he explained the conceded goal in the 88th minute of the second leg and left them in the Champions League, a goal in a perfectly executed counter-attack. Between Lo Celso and Gerard Moreno and submitted by Chukwueze. The goal, typical of Nagelsman, when we spent time here thinking that in European football the game of ball control, tactical analysis and rational occupation of the pitch were remarkable. You can see that Europe will lead us to a new definition of ourselves, from our previous analyzes and the biases with which we define ourselves.

That could happen with Thomas Tuchel, the Chelsea manager who said in London the match was over, told the press at the Santiago Bernabeu that the result was not fair and they had to reach the semi-finals. -Last.

And it also makes sense that he thought that when he won and qualified for the remaining 10 minutes of the draw and he felt the game dominated him. And suddenly all the mystique of the Bernabeu fell on him, in the European Madrid, in a team that clearly seems to feel better in the epic than in managing the advantage captured.

That’s probably what Guardiola was thinking when he got on Wanda’s coach after the game (oh, you can’t say Wanda and the champions with the same expression, UEFA is angry), about how he defended his team against mysticism. Intangible intangibles in football… and white talent, of course.

A problem where we go way beyond the game.

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