British government apologizes for Hillsborough disaster

He British government apologized this Wednesday for Hillsborough disasterin which they died 97 people due to an avalanche at the stadium in the city. Sheffield, happened on April 15, 1989.

First Minister Rishi Sunak signed letter in which he strives to ensure that no more families suffer like the families Hillsborough sufferedwhich did not receive political support until decades after it was confirmed that the guilt was how the police handled the situation and not from fans, as originally expected.

However, despite this decision, Great Britain Ha stopped the introduction of the lawcall”Law Hillsboro“, proposed by the families of the victims and which would force the introduction of “duty of candorin government positions during investigations.

Deciding which victim groups, such asHillsborough Survivors Association‘,

We are used to waiting and postponing, but we are not going to silence ourselves. We demand something very simple: laws to ensure that any repetition of police lies about Hillsborough will result in criminal charges.

Members opposition to the prime minister conservatives also expressed their misunderstanding.

The letter introduces a “duty of candor.” only for policeto try to avoid what happened in Hillsboro, When the police received the order blame the fans from Liverpoolwhen actually the disaster occurred due to mistakes on the part of the police, ambulance services and the stadium itself.

With this new letter, the government intends to promote culture “honesty and transparencyamong the police. Rishi Sunak, The British Prime Minister reaffirmed his support for the families:

Hillsborough families have suffered numerous injustices; the death of 97 people, guilt before the fans and the inexcusable institutional protection of government agencies. I am deeply saddened by what they had to go through.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias