They check cameras on English referees to curb player abuse | video

English Federation (FA) tried it use of video cameras installed on referee uniforms For stop inappropriate behaviorin relation to judges British grassroots football.

This device was used for last seven months in 500 matches in British grassroots football and, according to the sample collected, None of them recorded any violations against the arbitrator.

Daniel Mison head of the arbitration team at the FA, assured the British network BBC that the use of this device resulted in players and coaches HE “rethink your behavior” when addressing a judge.

There was not a single incident where a player insulted or assaulted a referee, nor did he have to activate this device to record any incident. Referees feel safer, but more importantly, coaches and players have a better game experience.

And Mison added:

Players and coaches say the mere presence of that camera made them rethink their behavior before saying something or acting inappropriately towards a referee.

According to Meson, this test will require “at least two or three more seasons” so that enough analysis can be collected to see if it is a “successful” technology.

In recent years in the United Kingdom there has been increase in the number of judges subjected to ill-treatment or attack players or coaches of grassroots football, which also caused There are fewer and fewer people willing to take on such work.

There were even strikes in Wales and England organized by this collective p.protest against conditions they will have to face.

Total of them were released sanctions against 380 players and coaches in the 2021-2022 season. attacking or threatening referees in grassroots football in England.

(according to information from EFE)

Source: Aristegui Noticias