“I strive for nothing other than to be competitive”: Rafael Nadal | video

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal it’s clear that does not strive for anything more than to be competitive during his return to the fields scheduled for the tournament Brisbane (Australia), ATP 250 category. and this will be disputed between December 31 and January 7.

Through your social networks, spanish tennis playerwinner He noted 22 Grand Slam titles:

I have been training for several weeks now at a level that allows me to compete again. I’ve gone through many stages, but today I think it’s time to return to a tournament that I’ve played in before and that I’m familiar with. I know it’s a difficult tournament, but I hope I’m ready to compete. I don’t strive for anything else, to be competitive.

“It’s been a long year.who has gone through many stages: from trying to compete again in the gravel season, week after week, disappointment after disappointment until it was time to stop and say “enough is enough” and truly look for a solution, which is what surgery was. In other words, since then everything has become a new horizon, a difficult path; Well, always maintaining the illusion of return” he claimed.

So, Nadal described the uncertainty around his iliopsoas muscle injury.

Of course, there were many doubts, of course there were moments when it seemed impossible for this moment to come, but the spirit of work and enthusiasm remained, and I believe that I am ready to return. I don’t know at what level, I don’t know what to expect; I have no idea, but I don’t care right now either.

In conclusion, the Balearic tennis player confirmed that his main goal will be enjoy the slopes of Brisbane, close to finishing a year away from competition due to this injury.

I’m just glad to be back with the utmost enthusiasm to put in the effort necessary to have fun and, I think, be competitive.

(according to information from Europe Press)

Source: Aristegui Noticias